Congratulations to our Sponsor RSI the Restaurant Accounting Guru’s


Congratulations to our Sponsor RSI the Restaurant Accounting Guru’s

Restaurant Solutions Inc

Restaurant Solutions Inc. provides operational and financial management tools for the owners and managers of hundreds of restaurants. Blair Pennington, above, is the chief executive officer. (Joe Amon, The Denver Post)

Restaurant Solutions Inc. has done it again. The company is The Denver Post’s Top Workplace for small employers for the second year in a row.

The  Englewood-based company provides operational and financial management and training tools for owners and managers of 786 restaurants in 42 states. The company’s system helps the restaurants control costsbalance their booksplan menus and schedule employees.

Clients include the Wynkoop Brewery and Shanahan’s Steakhouse in Denver.

Restaurant Solutions began 13 years ago with three employees and now has 90. The company emphasizes perks and fun activities for its employees — ranging from trips to Black Hawk and Coors Field to turkey bowling and “Formal Thursdays.”

CEO Blair Pennington has been with the company since its founding. He was interviewed by Denver Post business writer Howard Pankratz.

Pankratz:What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced as you’ve watched the company grow?

Pennington:I think the biggest challenge is maintaining the culture, maintaining the fun environment. As we grow, we just have to ensure we keep having fun and laughing through this. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it is all about — having a good time. There is definitely a serious (side) to Restaurant Solutions, of course. But we definitely have to have a good attitude, fun attitude, when we deal with a client.

Pankratz:How do you hire? How do you determine whether a potential employee will be a good fit?

Pennington:We usually have three interviews. It is a process where we meet with other members of the staff, get their rudimentary qualifications and see if they are a good fit. Some of the basic qualities (are) the education piece but, also beyond that, a good attitude, a fun attitude.

Pankratz:As a small businessman, are you optimistic about the future — not only for your company, but where the country is going?

Pennington:Yes, I’m extremely optimistic. I see us hiring more individuals. I see more restaurants being created. Our restaurant owners are opening more restaurants in multiple locations. To me, personally, we’ve got a good future coming.

Pankratz:What makes you most proud of your employees?

Pennington:What makes me most proud of my employees is not only a can-do attitude. They give Restaurant Solutions their all and smile through it. All the work gets done. I couldn’t be more proud of the 90 people running around this place.

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