Join Leigh Sullivan Enterprises and FIVE™ throughout our 10th year as we return to our roots with Colorado’s elite team of tastemakers.


A labor of love, FIVE™ is a Leigh Sullivan Enterprises concept that sprung from a deep admiration for the city of Denver and its ever-evolving culinary tradition. On behalf of each deserving Denver restaurateur, FIVE™ hopes to assert our city’s rightful place in the national spotlight.

The 2017 line up includes:
Darrel Truett, Alumni Chef & Executive Chef, Barolo Grill
Elan Wenzel, Sushi Sasa & Chefs Custom Cutlery
Samm Sherman, pastry
Mark Dym, Racca’s
Duane Walker, Big Red F

Beverage Team:
Steven Waters, Soigné Holdings
Ryan Fletter, Advanced Sommelier, Court of Master Sommeliers & Owner, Barolo Grill

Since 2007, FIVE™ has been a dedicated collaboration between Colorado’s most influential chefs in an effort to put our state’s exceptional regional cuisine on the national culinary map. A select group — chosen by Leigh Sullivan Enterprises — our FIVE™ chefs exemplify the passion, creativity and purpose that have become the staple of the Denver dining.

Download the full story on FIVE™ and how the project came to be: 2013 Five Article.

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